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Character Profile - FACE

Name: Templeton Arthur Peck (according to Mexican Slayride)
Nickname: Face, Faceman
Rank: 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
Birthdate: 50/12/07 (Dec 7 in Dishpan Man), 8/26/35 in Mexican Slayride (but those documents are faked), Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) (in Water Water Everywhere)
SSN: 522-70-5444C
Height: 5'11"

Personal Notes:

  • He was abandoned at age 5 (according to Mexican Slayride) and grew up in orphanages.

  • The file shown of him in the pilot states his birthdate as Aug 26 1935, and birth weight as 7lbs 3ozs. His mother's last name was listed as Silvers, his father as Peck. We can assume these papers were forged by Face, since we know Peck wasn't his birthname, and he definitely wasn't that old.

  • He wanted to be a police officer and watched Dragnet growing up, learning scams from the bad guys on the show.

  • Some of the orphanages he was in include Sacred Heart (run by Father David Magill) which is part of the St. Bartholomew's church, and Angel Guardians (according to the sign in Beneath The Surface). It's not known whether they were supposed to be the same orphanage and were renamed by the writers, or two separate orphanages Face was in.

  • Some of the other kids at the orphanage (Angel Guardians) were Barry Greene (adopted at 16, sister Elaine), Rebecca Piper who tried to turn him in, Deborah Garrety, Bobby Moore (tax lawyer).

  • Face played softball on the orphanage team and won the Orphanage League Softball Championship. He then became very popular with the girls at St. Theresa's, he was 13.

  • The place to makeout at Angel Guardians was around the garden pond.

  • A Father O'Malley was seen in The Only Church In Town. He seemed to know Face from his orphanage days.

  • He attended St. Mary's High School and was an all-city football champion as the team quarterback.

  • A nun at St. Mary's High School named Sister Katherine knew him from his days in school on the football team.

  • He graduated high school in 1968 according to the photo in The Bell's of St. Mary's. He said he spent two years in college, leaving after his sophomore year.

  • Face was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. The Sigma Chi pin (badge) was shown in The Only Church In Town, and is the real pin of the real fraternity. (It was Stephen J Cannell's badge that was used, he is a member of Sigma Chi)

  • Based on the fact he was a Sigma Chi, and assuming Face stayed in LA for university, he could have attended USC or UCLA.

  • Face went to college until his serious girlfriend Leslie Bektall left him and became a nun. Face left at the end of his sophomore year. (1970)

  • He can drive tractor trailers.

  • Aliases he used before Templeton Peck include Alvin Brenner (CIA woman states it was his birth name in Mind Games, leading me to believe his mother possibly left him at the orphanage under that name), Al Brennan, Al Peck, Holmes Morrison, Morrison Holmes. He used many aliases during scams.

  • Season 5's episode Family Reunion reveals his father to be A.J. Bancroft, and his mother is named Samantha, he also has a 1/2 sister named Ellen.

  • According to A.J., Face's birth name was Richard Bancroft, Richard after A.J.'s father. One has to wonder how an abandoned 5 year old wouldn't know that.

  • A.J.'s photo of Face shows him wearing a football uniform and number 42.

  • His will has his money going to an orphanage.

  • While in Vietnam he "acquired" a villa in Saigon by pretending to be Vietnamese royalty.

  • In Road Games, Face's measurements are given as 15" neck, 33" sleeve, 39" chest, 32" waist.

  • In There's Always A Catch Face states he has sinus problems that diving would make worse.

  • He could talk anyone out of just about anything.

  • BA stated that if Hannibal hadn't put Face on the Team, Face would probably be in jail, and Face agreed (Labor Pains)

  • He had many on screen love interests, but his most serious relationship was with Leslie Bektall before the series, and with Rina Turian in the episode Hot Styles.

  • In Diamonds n Dust, Face states he has access to a condo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • He seemed to love running stuff on Hannibal's movies...from the catering (eg Taywood Catering) although he can't cook, to organizing films, being a booking agent, working in a museum on monster wax heads etc. He once took an entertainment accounting course (mentioned in Cowboy George).

  • The Team signed him up to fight in a middleweight fight after Champ!

  • He had the unique talent of being able to look at a woman and guess her measurements. He did it in Mexican Slayride with Amy, as well as Champ.

Military History:

  • Conflicting dates on when he went to Vietnam. Beast from the Belly of a Boeing mentions he and Hannibal on leave in 1969, while The Bell's of St. Mary's shows him in high school in 1968, and in The Only Church in Town he said he went into the Army after his sophomore year of college (so 1970 if Bell's was correct).

  • He was the team supply officer, in Vietnam, and on the run.

  • Served with the 1st Air Cavalry and 5th Special Forces (Airborne).

  • Wore the Paratrooper wings and Combat Infantry badge.

  • He operated an Officer/NCO club in Vietnam called the DMV Tennis and Racket Club, patterned after the Beverly Bay Country Club from Members Only.

  • FBI File # 451-5683-2

  • JAG File # A-557-9914 Code 19A-51R

  • His medals were: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defence Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon (which he shouldn't have worn and was created after the Team went on the run lol), Republic of Vietnam Medal of Honor, Overseas Service Ribbon.

  • His unit citations were: Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, Army Presidential Unit Citation.

  • Has 2 hash marks


  • Was most often Face to everyone on the Team.

  • Murdock did call him Faceman quite a bit though, and very seldomly used other terms like Faceguy and Faceyman.

  • Hannibal occasionally called him Lieutenant, and sometimes he called him Kid.

  • B.A. also used Faceman on occasion.

  • He was Peck to Colonel Decker and the MPs

  • His girlfriends always called him Templeton, Tem or Temp. Very rarely did a woman call him Face.

  • Clients called him Mr. Peck, Face and sometimes Templeton.

  • And of course there were the multitude of names he used during scams.

His Corvette:

  • He owns a 1984 white Corvette with red stripe (custom) and red leather interior

  • The car contains a CB and mobile phone

  • The licence plate was IHJG851 and it was the only one that appeared on the car

Often Heard Saying:

  • "Aw, Hannibal...." - or anything slightly whiny

  • Anything that sounds remotely like a line, especially if directed towards a woman