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Character Profile - MURDOCK

Name: H.M. Murdock (they never revealed what the initials stood for)
Nickname: Howlin' Mad
Rank: Captain O-3
Birthdate: Never shown
Height: 6'2"


  • His mom died when he was 5, and he was raised by his grandma, H. Emma Murdock (which he stated in Mission of Peace as "Pathfinder" Murdock, so it's up to you to decide if he was serious about her name lol), and his grandfather (Grandfather was mentioned in Alive at Five, he gave Murdock a pocket watch engraved Happy Birthday HM)

  • He stated that his great, great grandfather was Daniel David Bowie Boone Murdock, AKA Pathfinder (Mission of Peace). He also stated about Pathfinder that "he was last seen heading into Texas". So whether you take it as his family was not from Texas, or that's how they settled there, or Murdock was in character and making it all up, we'll never know lol.

  • He lives at the VA hospital in Westwood. [A real facility]

  • He always wears his Converse All-Star high top shoes in black, commonly called Chuck Taylor's.

  • His other favorite possession is his brown leather bomber jacket which says "Da Nang 1970", and has a tiger on the back

  • He can speak Italian (not very well), Chinese (woke up after having a bad headache and could speak it), and Vietnamese. He also was speaking Russian (I think) in Labor Pains.

  • Murdock, like BA, has AB negative blood, a rare type that only around 1-2% of the population has (Curtain Call)

  • He can fly anything with rotors or wings, although in Vietnam he only flew helicopters. He can fly fighter jets, passenger aircraft, helicopters and small prop planes.

  • He can also drive a tractor trailer.

  • He doesn't seem to have any fear.

  • After Vietnam he had a breakdown and was declared insane.

  • BA doesn't take kindly to his fixations.

  • He often accompanies Face on his scams.

  • He ran for student council president in high school but lost on a technicality....they weren't having an election lol.

  • He was wounded twice in Vietnam, once in Curtain Call (chest), and again in Sound of Thunder (shoulder?)

  • Murdock stated in Sheriffs of Rivertown that he never missed a TV western.

  • He appeared on Wheel of Fortune and was a winner of over $28,000 in prizes (including a bed for Face, car stuff for BA and cigars for Hannibal lol).

  • One of those prizes was a trip to Hawaii, to stay in Waikiki at the Kona Lua hotel; he took Jody Joy, a girl who helped him out, not Face, who thought he was going.

  • He won a red Mazda pickup truck on Wheel of Fortune. In Little Town With An Accent, he accidentally dumps it on its side off a hoist.

  • He had 2 love interests on screen; Dr. Kelly Stevens, a veterinarian, and Jody Joy (real last name Klineman), a Vegas showgirl/dancer from Wheel of Fortune. In that same episode, Murdock also mentioned a Jenny Beth, a dental assistant he wanted to take with him. He also mentioned Erica in Family Reunion, who he met in his apartment building at the mailboxes.

  • Also in that episode Murdock stated he had a hamster (no word on whether it's invisible or not lol).

  • Murdock was declared sane in Season 5 and left the VA to move to Virginia to be closer to the Team.

  • We see in Beneath the Surface and There's Always A Catch that Murdock knows how to scuba dive. He also knows how to horseback ride. In Firing Line we see he can ride a unicycle...while in a straight jacket lol.

  • In Holiday in the Hills Murdock was carrying a .45.

Military History:

  • Unlike the rest of the team, Murdock was NOT Special Forces. He did serve as a pilot to many of the Special Forces teams, which is how he supposedly met the team and became their trusted pilot. He was part of the 1st Aviation Brigade.

  • The pilot states that he "was a member of the Thunderbirds before the war". Many fans believe this meant that Murdock was a member of the US Air Force and their demonstration flying team called The Thunderbirds. Only officers can be pilots, so Murdock would've had to do 4 years at the Air Force Academy (graduating as a 2nd LT), or 4 years at college and then Officer Training School (grad as 2nd LT), or ROTC during college. He would then have to pass Undergraduate Pilot Training (he would now be a 1st LT). To serve with the Thunderbirds, he would have to be at least a Captain, as most Thunderbird pilots are Captains or higher. That would make him approximately 28 years old at that point. He then would have had to change services and go to helicopter training (about 30 days or so since most chopper pilots were already fixed wing rated). He would have retained his rank when switching services (as their rank is an authorization from Congress and can't be revoked). So he would be age 28 starting out in the Army as a pilot. Now Murdock was a Captain when he was at the VA, so he was a Captain in 1972. He also claimed to have done a CIA mission in 1967 in the Army, and would have been a Captain then if he'd switched services. It can take about 8 years to get promoted to Major, so it's conceivable that Murdock was a Captain his entire time with the Army. All of this makes his age a little older than most fans see Murdock - if he was 28 in 1967, he would be about 43 in 1982. A lot of fans get around this by hypothesizing that perhaps Murdock was flying with the Thunderbirds as a 1st Lieutenant and was younger, or he was a genius and went through school/college faster etc.

  • He was a Huey pilot (UH-1). We know that outside the war he could fly anything - he flew a fighter jet in The Say UNCLE Affair, various prop planes, other passenger planes and jets in other episodes.

  • He worked 2 CIA missions in Vietnam, one in December 1967, the other in the Spring of 1972, Agent Cheney recruited him. Since the one in 1972 was a year after the bank job, one assumes that Murdock was in the Army until he was committed (right around the time the A-Team would've escaped....). He would've received a Section 8 discharge.

  • He did 2 tours in Vietnam. A tour usually lasts 1 year, but a tour can be extended for 6 months. But we know he was in Vietnam in 1967 and up until 1972.

  • He was wounded twice.

  • He had an "escape flight" in Hanoi in 1969 which he was awarded for.

  • Served with the 1st Aviation Brigade

  • Wore the Army Aviator badge

  • Medals awarded were: Silver Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal,

  • His unit citations were: Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, Army Presidential Unit Citation

  • Wore 3 hash marks


  • BA usually called him Fool, Crazy Fool or any term insulting his sanity lol. When he wasn't calling him those names, it was always Murdock.

  • Face almost always called him Murdock

  • Hannibal called him Murdock as well, but also used Captain quite a bit.

  • Despite his nickname, no one ever called him "Howlin' Mad" (not counting Mexican Slayride) although Hannibal would introduce him with the nickname to clients.

  • No one ever called him H.M., aside from Hannibal when he was in disguise as his mother in Lease With An Option to Die

  • Apparently his family called him H.M.. His grandfather had a pocket watch inscribed to him as "HM".

  • The MPs always called him Murdock, sometimes Captain Murdock.

His Craziness and the VA:

  • Mexican Slayride has a nurse stating that Murdock has paranoid delusions and intermittent memory loss "but he's usually a lot of fun". Murdock himself states he has intermittent memory loss in Pros and Cons.

  • He seems to have trouble with inkblot tests (Pros and Cons and Waiting for Insane Wayne).

  • He's in analysis, takes self realization classes (One More Time).

  • He tends to get fixated on things, and takes them much beyond obsession.

  • Murdock's room number is 104 according to Bounty. In Sound of Thunder, it's 204. He was apparently in Building 16, and resided in the East Wing. In When You Comin' Back Range Rider, Face breaks him out and he's on the ground floor.

  • Theo (or Leo?) Bell is his next door roommate at the VA. (Mentioned in Timber). Seymour Madison was in room 114.

  • Mexican Slayride states that the word ammonia makes him aggressive, but that's the only time we hear of it.

  • His psychiatrist is Doctor Richter, and every Friday they go to the Beverly Bay Country Club together.

  • He insists he has a dog named Billy...who is invisible. Billy wasn't mentioned much after the first 2 seasons. Billy turns purple right before he gets mad lol.

  • Some of his crazy fixations have included Captain Cab, the Range Rider, his dog Billy, Lefty the hand with a mind of its own, Thermy the lobster, Mack Murdock, Pasadena Murdock the Adventurer, chasing Bigfoot, being a chef, impersonating Face, his lucky rabbit foot (or not so lucky), Pathfinder and many others.

  • The Westwood VA is a real VA Medical Center with connections to UCLA and has a Psych ward. I've also found the name Wadsworth VA Medical Center. There is a 320 bed domiciliary care center at the real VA.

Often Heard Saying:

  • Anything slightly unusual, confusing or distracting

  • "Hey Faceman" - he often refered to Face as "Faceman". Lots of fan fic writers have Murdock call Face "Facey", but he only said Facey once, in Deadly Maneuvres and it wasn't to his face. As he was driving along in Face's Corvette, seraching for him, he calls out "Here Face, where are ya boy? Facey-wacey?" as if he's calling a dog (oddly enough...it's a dog who causes him to stop lol). He also used "Faceyman" in I, when he was ticked off at Face. He also used "Face guy" in I when he was doing his Mack Murdock impersonation.

  • Anything in an accent, often British


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Apr. 13th, 2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
I want to attent you on one more language, which he is speaking very well....German...Don;t know where, but they have to rebuilt a wooden community centre, in the middle of a tent kamp of Christians and a grumphy leader. (Murdock sits on the ground, conversating in German whit some Pecanuts, while the rest of the guy's rebuilt the meeting centre)

Simon (NL)
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